Dr.K. Manivannan, Speaks on the occasion of the Annual Day 2018.

Indeed a privilege and a pleasure having this man speak at EASA College Annual Day Function. He started with telling us that he had begun his career as a business journalist and that he went on to become the Regional Director of NASSCOM. Being a representative of NASSCOM he said that he had to speak only about the needs of industry and their needs from the college students – gaps that could be filled only by students from Engineering Colleges. He said that there were several opportunities in IT and ITES and as we all know there here are around 540 engineering colleges alone in and around Coimbatore.

He stressed upon the need for the students to use the opportunity. He spoke at length about the need for students to utilize the time, resources and money to forge ahead with a good career and look at completing higher studies and to check at appropriate intervals if they were going in the right direction. He spoke of how Gen Y was very fast in using the latest technology, in sending sms at the greatest pace standing at the bus stop and how they the older generation were actually learning from them. He said that there were opportunities available at the Tier I and Tier II companies which were equally challenging and interesting.

He stressed on the need for college students to be present not only on Facebook but also on Linked In and other networking sites, even now as this would give them an opportunity to be visible online to find jobs. The watch words according to him he said were to be patient and diligent. He asked students to enjoy what they are doing , know whats happening around them, who’s who and have the conviction of becoming a good engineer. The need today is that you have be a manager and not just an engineer, he said.

Every word he uttered was important from the viewpoint of students just leaving college as well as aspiring engineers. The College thanks him gracing the occasion and also for delivering such an insightful and brilliant speech.

Dr.K. Manivannan.
Vice President - ISTE

Shri. Hariharan Subramanian, Head - Aspire systems.

Shri. Hariharan Subramanian, Head - Aspire systems, while speaking at the Seminar, organized by the department of Science and Humanities, EASA College of Engineering and Technology on “EFFECT OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND ITS IMPACT ON VARIOUS SECTORS” said that the Climate change has become a serious threat to society affecting environment. He also added that terrestrial ecosystem and biodiversity plays a major role in the climate change.

He claimed that mankind’s relentless and ever increasing consumption of fossil flues is major cause behind climate change. He claimed that the cause of extensive air pollution and extended industrial activities are responsible for the drastic climate change in our country. He appealed to the participants and faculty members through press and media to take the awareness message on climate change to the society immediately. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) sponsored this seminar which was held on July 1st and 2nd 2011.

Shri. Hariharan Subramanian
Head - Aspire systems

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