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The EASA College of Engineering and Technology has, one of the best computer facilities among Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore. Besides a beautiful lush green campus the college also provides modern facilities and amenities all of which aid in the learning process.Some of the key features of the modern computer center and labs are described below:

Computers, LAN and Software

Recognizing the vital role played by IT in the industrial growth of nations, and especially developing nations like India, EASA college of Engineering and Technology, provides its students with the best state of the art computer lab and research center. A high speed optical fibre network enables students to access a wide range of services across the campus including all computer labs. The college has wide range of Software which has been installed to enable the students in mastering the many computer languages and learning to master any new technology.


All the labs have been connected to the internet by a 10 mbps leased line, thereby providing unlimited internet access to students and faculty members. All the Offices, Labs and cabins of faculty have been provided internet connectivity for 7 days a week & 24 hrs a day.

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