The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC, ECET) was initiated in October, 2010 with a vision to promote Entrepreneurship quality amongst the students of ECET and to build an exhaustive resource pool to aid potential student entrepreneurs.

Since our inception, we have organized various events ranging from social entrepreneurship events on campus to PAN ECET. We believe that in this short span of time have brought about a surge in entrepreneurial activities on campus.

We envisioned EDC as a platform where any entity of ECET community could approach for any kind of help at any stage, and we will be in a position to provide him / her with the right kind of resources or at least guide him / her on the right path. We took one step further with the ideology of educating, mentoring and providing enterprising resources to budding entrepreneurs. In light of this we established Investors Panel, Incubation Panel, and a strong network of Knowledge Mentors. We are continuously updating ourselves with the latest needs of our target audiences and trying our best to meet their expectations.

Our Ideology

We believe in producing future leaders. We see an entrepreneur not just as a businessman but a leader who believes in creating a change in the industry and who believes in creating value to the society and to the nation.

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