The hostel facility in the college creates a home away from home for every student.We have separate hostels meant for the boys and girls. The hostels are equipped with several amenities like indoor games, reading rooms, recreation rooms etc. These facilities are available inside the college campus and are governed by the hostel council.

The College has excellent hostel facilities with all amenities and separate hostels for boys and girls. The girls' hostel is fully secured and self-contained


  • Spacious, ventilated and furnished rooms for the comfortable stay of hostel students
  • Delicious and nutritious food hygienically prepared in steamers and served by skilful caterers
  • Mega dining halls and kitchen with good cooking and serving facilities
  • Round the clock medical-care
  • 24 hrs. Water Supply
  • Round the clock uninterrupted Power Supply by mega generators
  • Effective and encouraging supervision by the administration


Hostel facility for boys and girls is provided separately in the campus. Rooms are very spacious and well ventilated. The hostel buildings are constructed in spacious green area conducive for learning. All the amenities are well provided for healthy living conditions.

Boys Hostel

Boys Hostel is constructed in an area of 2400 in a G+3 building. It can accommodate a total of 250 boys and has 60 rooms.

Girls Hostel

It is constructed in an area of 2000 sq.m in a G+3 building. It can accommodate 200 girls and has 60 rooms.

Mess facility

A hygiene and well maintained mess building is available in an area of 300 sq. m. Separate Dining Hall is available for the boys and girls. Kitchen is well equipped with modern cooking facilities. Water used for cooking & cleaning purpose is supplied by an R.O plant. Both veg and non-veg food items will be served for the students staying in the hostel and this is provided at nominal rates. The Hostel is connected with a power pack up of 65 KVA generator.

Rules & Regulations

  • Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form and the hostel rent should be paid in the college office at the time of admission.
  • Every student should seek admission at the beginning of every academic year after clearing all dues and the payment of rent and other fees.
  • Hostellers should speak only in English.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited either inside or outside the hostel. Misconduct or non-adherence to any hostel rule will render the offender liable to suspension or dismissal according to the gravity of the offence. A student who is suspended from the College is ipso facto suspended from the hostel.
  • Usage of Mobile phones, Walkman, stereo equipment and watching movies on desk top computers and laptops are strictly prohibited during study hours. Violation of this regulation would result in the immediate seizure of the equipment.
  • Visitors will be allowed only on Sundays and holidays between 4 pm and 6 pm. Only those persons mentioned by the parents in the application form of the hostel, would be permitted to visit, and such visits will be restricted to the lobby area.
  • Hostellers are not allowed to remain in the hostel during regular class hours without the permission of the warden.
  • Students are allowed to go out only with the permission of the warden. They should return before 6 pm and should report in person to the warden immediately on return.
  • Meals shall be served in the refectory only during the hours fixed and the students shall neither enter the kitchen nor give direct orders to the kitchen staff except through the authority-in-charge.
  • Adherence to timing is to be followed strictly and this discipline and order in the hostel is a must.
  • There should be perfect silence during study time and sleep time. Students are not allowed to enter other's rooms during study hours and disruption of silence will be considered as a serious misconduct.
  • All cases of illness must be immediately reported to the warden. In case of serious illness the local guardian must take charge of the student
  • Hostellers are advised to keep their valuables under lock and key and the authorities will not be responsible for any loss incurred.
  • Hostellers may go home every fortnight, and any student who desires to go more often should submit a written request of the parent to the warden at the time of admission.
  • Any damage done to the hostel property shall be made good by the member at fault, and if not traceable to any particular member, by all members collectively. They shall not dirty the walls or furniture with writing or any inscription whatsoever.
  • The management reserves all rights to terminate the hostel facility of any inmate at any time without prior notice.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed to be taken to the room.
  • Students will keep their rooms neat and clean.
  • Food, coffee and any eatables should not be taken out from the mess or the canteen.
  • ‘Study’ and ’Silence Hours’ will be strictly observed in the hostel.
  • Overnight stay in any place other than the guardian’s house will not be allowed.
  • Students leaving the hostel for any reason will do so only with the written permission of the warden and with proper entry in the Permission Register.
  • Day scholars are not allowed stay with the hostellers in the rooms without the permission of the warden.
  • Guests are not allowed to stay with the students in the rooms without the prior permission of the warden.
  • Sick diet will be allowed only with the written permission of the concerned warden.
  • Students shall behave decently and maintain decorum in the mess.
  • Half trousers and lungies are not allowed inside the mess.
  • Mess timing will be strictly adhered to.
  • Alcohol / drugs / smoking is not allowed in the hostels.

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