Chairman’s Desk
SHRI T.D.Eswaramoorthy, M.Sc., Chairman & Managing Trustee

EASA College of Engineering and Technology was established in the year 2008 under the aegis of the Trust Easa Foundations. Mr. T.D. Eswaramoorthy is the Founder Chairman of the college.
He is a well-known personality all over India as an educational consultant for starting new Engineering colleges in this country.

He has been the guiding force and the consultant who was instrumental in the setting up of about 150 reputed Engineering colleges spread all over India. Having been the forerunner in setting up many Engineering Colleges in the country, he saw it as his mission to further aid and empower the student community by setting up a college on his own. Imbibed with the culture of providing quality in every aspect of his work, our chairman has ventured into the realm of providing quality technical education to both urban and rural students from Tamil nadu and other states.

Thus sprouted the now famous college, EASA College of Engineering, started with a mission to impart high quality competency based education in Engineering and Technology to the younger generation. These students will be equipped with the required skills and abilities to face the Challenging needs of the industry around the Globe.

On 18-03-09 our Chairman met the Honourable President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil at Rastrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi and paid her a courtesy visit. The Management is dedicated to the student community to ensure quality education, discipline, and training in extra-curricular activities, social service, NSS, Sports and Cultural Programmes. Participation in Technical Symposiums s encouraged to enable the students to prove their talent and ability in all respects.

Smt. Sujatha Eswaramoorthy is the Secretary and Correspondent of the college. She is offering her best services and advice to the faculty members and the students as well. Her contribution as Secretary is commendable and has been instrumental in the growth of the college. The phenomenal growth has been made possible by the hard work and vision of our beloved Chairman and his wife Smt. Sujatha Eswaramoorthy and the college has educated several hundreds of students and has produced many gems that will make our country proud.

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