“To make the institution a pioneer in the field of Engineering, Technology and Management Education with a commitment for development of the individual and the society as a whole.”


To Develop and motivate talent and creativity in an independent and congenial environment. To give innovative learning experience with freedom of expression and clarity in the field of study. To nurture human excellence, self-confidence and security. To create awareness of pleasant personality and high self-esteem. To tutor good relationship, teamwork and trust and stimulate sense of service, integrity and contribution to society. To inspire sense of discipline, hard-work and impart knowledge of being truthful and compassionate towards fellow being.


The Foundations will steer the College to become one of the unique and 'out of the box' institutions, continually meeting with the challenging local and global knowledge and skill needs by producing job ready graduates who will face the challenges of change with courage and confidence. It will produce the leaders for tomorrows industry.

Quality Policy

Ensuring continual improvement in quality management systems and infrastructure with constant endeavor for enhancing competence among the faculty to adapt to modern and innovative teaching methods to give the students utmost academic standing.

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